About Aorangi Debt Collection

Aorangi Debt Collection commenced business in 1974 and is a private company owned by Aorangi Credit Management (2016) Ltd. Based in the South Island and operating throughout New Zealand and Australia,  Aorangi's Vision is 'to be recognised as the most respectful, professional and successful debt recovery service in Australasia'.

Our Mission Statement:

The Aorangi Debt Collection team, as an extension of your business, will provide respectful, superior, professional debt recovery services that will deliver mutually beneficial outcomes.

 Our Process

Time is money – the Aorangi team have the time, skills and sophisticated technology in place to recover your money.

We offer a full range of in-house services including, but not limited to debt recovery, credit enquiries, personal visits, document serving, legal document preparation and advice, Civil legal action including Disputes Tribunal, liquidations and bankruptcies.

The Aorangi team follow a process that works; we have been doing this for a long time, which is why we consistently achieve a substantially higher than average collection rate for our clients.

All monies collected on behalf of our clients are paid out on the first working day of the new month, a statement detailing the collections is sent to a dedicated email address.  

Clients load debts via our Website, our Online Tool or via a collection form.  In addition, clients with larger ledgers have these loaded as a csv file, downloadable into our software system, Debt Controller.

Instant access via our secure Online Tool keeps our clients abreast of their recoveries through real-time reporting. In addition, you receive regular updates from our staff, they are always available to provide you with any information you may require.

It couldn't be simpler - 'no recovery, no commission payable, no risk'

Our professionalism - we are an extension of your business

Aorangi has been providing professional, efficient and successful debt recovery services since 1989.  We’re a neutral third party acting as a buffer between you and the debtor; you preserve the relationship with your customer; we remove the negativity of debt recovery and the time consuming process of recovering it from your business allowing you to focus on just that - your business.

We are a member of the New Zealand Credit and Finance Institute, and hold a committee seat.

The way in which our team approach and respond to the debtors makes us different – we manage the process with respect - and we don’t give up!

Meet the team

Managing Director Cathy,  purchased the company in February 2016 having previously owned a recovery agency.  This experience, coupled with appointments in various Management roles in Australasia has enabled Cathy to fully focus on the revitalisation of Aorangi Debt Collection.  Cathy’s team augment her vision with their extensive industry specific skills, never give up attitude and desire to “right the wrongs”, all in a highly professional and resptful manner.

Our team are highly skilled, professional Credit Managers with an average of 13 year’s debt recovery experience.   They’re tenacious and driven, they have a strong desire to achieve results for their clients and know how to communicate to achieve a positive outcome.

In addition, Aorangi have an in-house Legal Executive who is available to offer advice for any debt related matter, including assistance with the formation of strong credit terms, and conditions of trade.

Our team are trained not to give up; they’re tenacious
and driven to achieve results for our clients.


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'no recovery, no commission payable, no risk'